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Best Male Enhancement Methods

Summary- Male enhancement techniques are many such as pills, pumps, weights and surgery but these are not wholly safe, are risky, expensive and carry certain drawbacks.  More effective and safe methods are traction devices, Jelqs or penile enlargement exercises and natural pills that do not cause side-effects, are cheap and elicit effects not only in terms of increasing the penile size but also the libido.

Male enhancement techniques are a hot topic today and for no small reason. Female partners might give their male counterparts an ego boost by saying that their penile size is of no concern to them. Experts in the field might also corroborate with this and state that the size of the penis is not important when it comes to finding sexual pleasures. But the fact is that, for men at least, size does matter. Where to purchase vigrx plus? A larger sized penis not only gives the male ego a nice massage but it also gives them a feeling that they have heightened their partner’s sexual satisfaction through it. It is also a common thought among men that a bigger penis improves their ability to gain and retain an erection for longer periods thus again increasing theirs and their partner’s sexual happiness and it is for these men that the penile enhancement techniques have been introduced in the market.

Most Effective Penile Enhancement Methods

In fact, the penis enlargement market is so large today that there are innumerable products men can choose from. So spoilt are the men for choice that it can actually become overwhelming when it comes to picking the best method. Here is an overview of the some of the commonly available and used penile enhancement methods discussed in relation to their effectiveness and safety by which men can enhance their penile size. Best male enhancement pills vigrx plus

Some of the commonly used techniques for penile size enhancement are pumps, pills, weights, and even surgery. These methods boast of being able to add inches to the existing penis, that too within a few days. One quite often used technique is the pills on which millions of dollars have been spent for making and marketing. While these pills cannot and do not actually increase the size of the male organ, they do help in improving erection. When taken in the recommended dosage levels they can be considered safe for regular consumption although it has to be strictly done under medical supervision.

Another commonly used technique for increasing the size of the male genitalia is through the pumps. These pumps use vacuum to cause a so-called increase in penile size. However, their use for long-term is not advised as the force employed by the pump might damage the penile tissue and blood vessels. This method can certainly not cause any permanent change in the size of the penis and hence is ideally not recommended for regular use.

Similar to the pumps are the penis weights that also use force, but of a different kind, to elicit an increase in penile size. This technique consists of a device with weights that must be strapped onto the organ that cause it to be pulled down owing to gravitational effects. The problem with this method is that although it can boost the penile size, it is highly risky as it can hurt the organ irreparably.

Unlike the pills and pumps where there is every chance of the male organ being damaged forever or erectile dysfunction setting in, the surgical means to enhance the male organ does actually work towards improving the dimensions of the penis. There are certain side-effects involved as in any surgical procedure such as pain during urination and the costs are near prohibitive, but for those who are desperate enough the surgical method of increasing the penis size does offer a permanent solution. Most surgeons will also recommend that men who have undergone the operation use a penis extender for continued treatment.

While these miraculous effects rather blow trumpets when it comes to eliciting effects on the male organ size than state the reality, there are some clinically approved and effective techniques that you as a male wanting penile size enhancement can use to your benefit. As compared to the above-mentioned methods of increasing the penis size, techniques such as using traction devices, penis enlargement exercises or Jelqs and natural pills seem to be not only more effective but are also low on the risk factor. Needless to say, these strategies are also safer in that they do not cause any adverse side-effects.

The traction device technique employs a device that must be worn on the penis for 2-6 hours a day. This device helps in boosting the growth of the erectile tissue by applying traction pressure. As a result of the erectile tissue growth, the penis is able to hold more blood while gaining an erection that is made visible as a longer and thicker organ. The only drawback with the traction device is that the ones that are clinically approved are a tad expensive and those that are cheap are not reliable.

Probably, one of the safest method by which you can enhance your organ is through penile exercises. These do not require any expensive device, do not cause side-effects and take just 10-15 minutes of your time every day. These exercises are typically called as the Jelqs that help to boost the blood holding capacity of the penis and expand the tissue as the penis gains an erection. This directly affects the penis size by making it longer and thicker when erect.

Of all the techniques of penile enhancement mentioned above by far the best is to use natural pills. These pills direct greater blood flow to the penis that lead to longer, fuller and harder erections thereby heightening sexual pleasure. What is great about the natural pills is that they are totally devoid of side-effects unlike the chemical drugs and hence can be used even for long durations.

Still better it would be to combine the Jelqs and natural pills that will bring about multiple effects towards male enhancement. A combination of these two techniques will not only increase the size of your penis by around 3 inches, but it will also improve your staying power, libido, sperm production and recovery post ejaculation, all of which translate into just one thing- unprecedented sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner. Blend Jelqs and natural pills in your daily routine and the best of the times in bed and under the sheets will be knocking on your door within no time!